While visiting Kenema whether for business or pleasure , experience the bustling city by working or driving around. This is a very vibrant and cultural place where thousands of people hustle and jostle around, for trading purposes, education and pleasure. It is a place of unrelenting beauty and charm. The town nevertheless manages a family feel, warm and welcoming, while sucking you into the captivating, compulsive world.

As a regional base it offers good walking nearby. The weather is cooler than in Freetown, the town is in reasonably good shape and easy to get around. Interesting places of history and culture will captivate your mind that will live an everlasting memory.


Visit the Gola Forest National Park the large streminant of the upper Guinea Tropical Moist Lowland Evergreen forest in Sierra Leone, which has a land area of 71,000 hectares miles (Kilometres) from Kenema.

This rich eco-tourism site is home to rich biodiversity in the country’s rain forest park, jungle –covered hills and glut of rare bird, ancient tress,chimps,and the odd pygmy hippo. It world famous for having 49 species of mammals, over 500 species of butterflies, 41 species of bats and over 1000 species of plants. This area is a must visit for nature lovers interested bird watching, hiking, camping and exploring its rich flora and fauna .It’s a mission to get there, however and the infrastructure is still rudimentary. Hiking in hills that surround the main towns and wading on hidden river beaches and under waterfalls is easily within reach. This place is a MUST for Nature Lovers.


The Kambui Hills Forest Area occupies 14,335 hectares and only 10 kilometres from Kenema.

It’s steep slopes reaches an altitude of between 100 and 645 metres of savana and wetland terrainis home to 200 species of birds including thevulnerable the white necked picathartes, and green tailedbritlebill and near threatened speciesof the yellow casqued horn billrufus- winged illadopsis and copper tailed glossy stinding are there to interest the keen bird watcher. This forest reserveisalso ideal for hiking and camping,